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Amrit manthan - 2012/2013


Amrit Manthan premiered in February 2012 and was aired till August 2013 on Life OK. Amrit Manthan is set in Punjab against the backdrop of Royalty, and talks about values and principles which are tested in today's time. The show is about values v/s money. The Unique selling Proposition of the serial is the royal life- in the Costumes, sets, Royal Family, and Luxury. It is about the life of a Royal Family in today's times, who have lived so in the past circumstances, coming to terms with today- the harsh reality of the present.

Amrit Manthan is the story of two sisters Amrit and Nimrit who become each other's enemies. They grew up in the royal palace at Amritgarh, where their family ruled for many generations. Amrit, the elder sister, was brought up as the heir to royalty whose glory days were well past them. She was a mirror image in terms of personality, of her grandmother, the Rajmata. Amrit believed marriage was the only opportunity to salvage the lost honour of her family. Nimrit, on the other hand, was just the opposite. She did not take her lineage too seriously and thought from her heart rather than her head.


  • Amadeep Jha
  • Adaa Khan
  • Dimple Jhangiani
  • Ankita Sharma
  • Navi Bhangu
  • Angad Hasija
  • Waseem Mushtaq
  • Nandita Puri
  • Karan Mehra/li>
  • S.P.Lalwani
  • Meena Nathan
  • Amit Dhawan