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TereShaher Mein…’ is about reverse migration that takes place when the lives of a South Mumbai family that includes Amaya, her mother Sneha and two sisters Rachita and Jasmine, changes overnight by the suicide of their father and they are forced to migrate from their dream-life of convenience, comfort and luxury that they took for granted in their the city of gold to a small town like Benaras—an upcoming city with modern infrastructure yet retaining its social fabric, opening its wings to aspire for the stars yet holding on to its traditional roots firmly, lovingly.


  • Gautami Kapoor
  • Sachin Tyagi
  • S M Zaheer
  • Beena Banerjee
  • Bhupindra Singh
  • Hiba Nawab
  • Dhruv Bhandari
  • Rafi Malik
  • Anjum Faikh
  • Isha Mishra
  • Aarya Dhramchand Kumar
  • Ritu Vij
  • Iqbal Azad
  • S P Lalwani
  • Sapna Sand