Rajan Shahi

  • Visionary
  • Creative
  • Pioneer
  • Philanthropist
  • Leader
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Flim-Making

  • Mahesh Thakur

    Rajan is a very good-natured person & a great director! He does a fabulous job, at anything & everything he lays his hands on! I have known him since his early days when he started off as assistant director, during my 'Sailaab' days. He would help me rehearse my dialogues. He would always take interest in everything & even offer a lot of creative inputs. I wish him all the very best!

  • Rajshree Thakur

    Character : Saloni (Main Lead) in Saat Phere

    Rajanji is a very caring person and I respect him for his work and success. He is the one who gave me a break on small screen as Saloni in Saat Phere. He is a person who loves to motivate his team and also believes in a lot of hard work and team work. I am grateful to have worked with him.

  • kshitte jog

    Character : Devyaani ( Naitik’s second mother) in YRKKH

    I am too small to comment on Rajan Shahi’s work. He is a very special person for me and a fabulous director to work with. Being from a Marathi background and working in Marathi serials, he gave me fantastic guidance. As a producer, he is brilliant. I am one of those lucky people to work with him. I know him very well and he is a dear friend. I miss working with him as a director. As a person, he is very loving and caring and I am happy for the success he has achieved because he deserves it.

  • Romit Raj

    Rajan Shahi for me, is like a family member who I can completely trust, believe in and have faith in. In a fast city like Mumbai where everyone lives to survive, we get little time to spend with each other. I love spending time with him for my own selfish reasons, because he is so knowledgeable, be it books, movies, etc., he can talk about anything under the sun. He started from scratch and he is what he is because of himself. He is so caring towards his team and always wants them to progress. He is a leader and loves to motivate the people he works with. The reasons I am in Bombay, is because of him. When I was going through a bad phase and had no work, I was thinking of going back to Calcutta. He was one of the few people that told me that I should not worry and that the right work will come at the right time.

    I am grateful to him for my character of Yuvraj. Rajan Shahi is a very honest and self-made person. He is a fantastic human being and an achiever.