Rajan Shahi

  • Visionary
  • Creative
  • Pioneer
  • Philanthropist
  • Leader
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Flim-Making

  • Nikita Agarwal

    Character : Arpita ( Bhabhi of Avani) in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

    Rajan Sir is not a Director, he is a teacher. He is very co-operative, understanding and motivating, especially with new actors making their debut. He recognises the positive qualities of his actors and the fire they have, hence inspires and helps us in doing better and better He is very calm and composed and explains everything very well, which makes me want to work harder and strive for the best.

  • Waseem Mushtaq

    Character : Akashat ( Eleder brother of Avani) in APHG
    Character : Tej (Cousin brother and best friend of Agham ) in Amrit Manthan

    Rajan Sir is undisputedly one of the sweetest producers in the television industry. He’s a live example of humility and positivity. His positivity is the main reason for the company's tremendous success. I love sir’s down-to-earth nature, you don't find this quality much in people who achieve the kind of success he has. I am truly blessed and honoured to have worked with Rajan Sir!

    Working with DKP has been a fantastic experience...everything is organised, systematic, and the technicians, directors and the entire team is the best in the industry. I’m lucky to have worked with them on two shows and I wish this association goes on and on-:). I wish the entire team of DKP many many many prosperous years ahead!

  • Reena Kapoor

    Character : Bhavan (Avani’s Mother) in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

    After having worked with Rajshree’s for such a long time, I wasn’t sure I'd adjust with anybody else. But after I met Rajanji and worked with him for a while, I realized that I respect him even more everyday for being such a great and kind- hearted human being. I am very lucky to have a comeback with DKP.